Brent Wilder

Senior Systems Engineer

Born in Colorado at the USAF Academy and raised in Custer, South Dakota, Brent studied information technology at the University of Missoula before diving into the technology industry as a professional in Alaska. He joined BizTech in 2018, bringing his wealth of experience with him. Brent has supported a user base of more than 4,700 and has monitored and configured IPS, IDS and SIEM deployments for customers as well as the hosting ISP. He’s specialized in performing security audits for clients in order to help them maintain compliance. Brent has also managed virtual infrastructure leveraging vSphere, Hyper-V, Nimble Storage, NetApp filers, Cisco ASAs, FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls, Nessus and AlienVault USM deployments in federated environments. Is your brain hurting yet? He’s deployed and maintained infrastructure as code via Chef, Git, Vagrant and terraform to provide desired state configurations and deployed new Linux infrastructure for customer-facing LDAP, RADIUS and public DNS servers. (Deep breath.) Brent has also been responsible for multiple migrations from on-premises Exchange to Office 365, as well as document migration from on-premise file servers to SharePoint Online. Basically, he’s a big tech nerd who understands far more about business technology than most people would ever want to. In his free time, Brent steps away from the computer to fish, hunt, play golf and hockey, and do other Montana things with his wife Kelsey and their two daughters, Keira and Nora.

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