Common Questions We Get About Our IT Services


Why Do I Need Managed IT Services?

There are several reasons that you should work with a Managed IT Service Provider, also known as an MSP. Some of these include better uptime, improved security, cost savings over having in-house IT, as well as gaining access to a team of engineers and technicians with diverse backgrounds in advanced technology solutions.

How Do We Improve Uptime?

By monitoring and maintaining your systems, we are alerted to potential issues prior to them impacting your day-to-day. An example of this is being alerted to hardware errors that might lead to hardware failures. This allows us to schedule upgrades or repairs outside of business hours. We monitor your servers and workstations, your wireless network, your backups, as well as your switches and other networked equipment.

With reactive IT, the immediate issue is resolved, but the root cause goes unaddressed. This is what causes issues to keep coming back and eventually get worse. Our approach is to set your systems up properly from the beginning, improving uptime and minimizing the problems you and your team face.

We have also spent decades supporting different systems and learning what works and what does not. By using the right equipment and by configuring it correctly, we are able to make sure your systems are running at a high level, all the time. And in the case of a system failure, such as a server hardware failure, we have backup solutions that can have you “back up” and running within 15 minutes.

How Do We Improve Security?

Rather than simply reacting to issues when they are reported, we are monitoring and maintaining your technology systems behind the scenes. This includes, but isn’t limited to applying security patches, keeping firmware up to date, monitoring anti-virus from a central location, and tracking and renewing security subscriptions. It is also very difficult for one person to be highly knowledgeable in all the different areas of your IT systems. By having a team of engineers working together, you benefit from all those various skill sets.

How is Working With an MSP More Cost-Effective Than Hiring In-House IT?

When you consider the cost of hiring even one IT person internally and compare that to partnering with us, the cost is going to be considerably lower to outsource your technology environment. If you already have an internal IT person or team, we can work with them to ensure your systems are functioning at the highest level and free them up to focus on other internal tasks. With our Managed Services offering, we include support of all your current systems under on monthly fee. By doing this, and inheriting your IT environment, we are able to do all of the backend work needed to help ensure your systems are running at the highest level all the time. We aim to fix every issue permanently, so you are not wasting valuable time submitting tickets and waiting for resolutions.

When you partner with BizTech Solutions, our team of wicked smart, creative, down-to-earth, NICE engineers and technicians are here to help make sure your technology is adding value to your business, rather than causing headaches and lost time.

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