Securing Your HVAC Business: Advanced IT Solutions from BizTech Solutions


In an era where cyber threats loom large and technology drives business growth, HVAC companies face unique challenges in managing their IT infrastructure and data security. BizTech Solutions, a leading IT company based in Bozeman, Montana, offers comprehensive IT services tailored to the specific needs of the HVAC industry. Our focus on cybersecurity, IT consulting, infrastructure management, and backup support ensures that your HVAC business is not only secure but also technologically ahead.

Cybersecurity: Your First Line of Defense

The HVAC industry, with its wealth of customer data and reliance on connected systems, is increasingly a target for cyber threats. BizTech Solutions provides robust cybersecurity measures tailored to protect your sensitive data and systems. Our services include advanced threat protection, utilizing AI/M models for deep packet/SSL inspection through Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and virtual patching for newly discovered vulnerabilities. With our Anti-Malware services, including antivirus and file sandboxing, we offer multilayered protection enhanced in real-time with threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs. Additionally, Application Control enhances security compliance with real-time application visibility.

IT Consulting: Navigating the Tech Landscape

Understanding and implementing the right technology can be daunting. Our IT consulting services are designed to help your HVAC company navigate the complexities of modern technology. We offer:

  • Strategic Planning: Aligning your IT infrastructure with your business goals.
  • Technology Assessment: Evaluating your current technology and recommending improvements.
  • Custom IT Solutions: Designing IT solutions that fit your unique business needs.


IT Infrastructure Management: The Backbone of Your Business

Efficient management of your IT infrastructure is crucial for the smooth operation of your HVAC business. We provide comprehensive infrastructure management services, including:

  • Network Management and Security: Ensuring reliable and fast connectivity for your operations, as well as network and file security to protect against both network-based and file-based threats. Our DNS filtering and URL filtering services guard against web-based threats, including malicious URLs and botnet/command and control communications.
  • Hardware and Software Management: Keeping your systems up-to-date and running smoothly.
  • IoT Integration: Integrating smart HVAC systems with your IT infrastructure for enhanced service delivery.


Backup and Support: Your Safety Net

Data loss can be catastrophic for any business. Our backup and support services ensure that your business data is always safe and recoverable. We provide:

  • Data Backup Solutions: Regular and secure backup of your critical business data.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: Preparing your business to quickly recover from data loss or other disasters.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Providing round-the-clock monitoring to address any IT issues promptly.


SaaS and Data Security

Our services address numerous security use cases across application usage as well as overall data security. This includes Data Leak Prevention (DLP) for data visibility, management, and protection across networks, clouds, and users. Our Inline Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) service protects data in motion, at rest, and in the cloud, enforcing major compliance standards and managing account, user, and cloud application usage.

Zero-Day Threat Prevention

Our zero-day threat prevention entails Fortinet’s AI-based inline malware prevention, analyzing and blocking unknown files in real time. This service offers subsecond protection against zero-day and sophisticated threats across all NGFWs, focusing on comprehensive defense and streamlining incident response efforts.

OT Security

For businesses relying on operational technology (OT), we provide robust OT security services. This includes OT detection, OT vulnerability correlation, virtual patching, OT signatures, and industry-specific protocol decoders for a robust defense of OT environments and devices.

Why Choose BizTech Solutions for Your HVAC Business

Partnering with BizTech Solutions means ensuring that your HVAC business is not only secure from cyber threats but also equipped with the latest technology to enhance efficiency and service quality. Our deep understanding of the HVAC industry, combined with our expertise in IT, makes us the ideal choice for your IT needs.

Stay ahead in the competitive HVAC market with BizTech Solutions – your partner in cybersecurity, IT consulting, infrastructure management, and backup support. Contact us today to secure and transform your HVAC business with our cutting-edge IT solutions.

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